Lauren Kelly

... makes behavioural science engaging, useful and actionable for business leaders & design teams. Keynote speaker. Workshop leader. Facilitator. Behaviour Strategist. Design Psychologist. Founded BehaviourStudio and BehaviourAcademy.

Lauren Kelly directs behaviour

Lauren Kelly is a Design Psychologist. She has her feet in two worlds - Behavioural Science and Design.

In 2015 she saw the rise of behavioural science used in the UK government and thought 'if Governments are making massive gains, how can we use a similar approach in business and with design?'. It's a question that drives her work at BehaviourStudio, which she founded in 2017. It lead to the creation of Behaviour Thinking - an approach to innovation that combines behavioural science with design thinking. And BehaviourKit - a behavioural design toolkit for use by business leaders and creative teams.

Driving innovation using behavioural science with , , and . Crafting effective collaboration between cross-functional teams with , , and Training creative teams in actionable behavioural science at , , , .

Harness behavioural science in your work.

Join me for monthly updates, insights and 'What if...?' prompt questions.

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