Making brains work hard
& changing behaviour.
Since 2014.

Behaviour expert, Behavioural Designer and Design Psychologist. I've been called a number of titles...
the most apt being Behaviour Obsessor.

I'm Lauren.
I started 

We are a Behavioural Design Studio.

Consulting, teaching and designing behaviour.
We work across digital products, services and experiences to positively change and nudge people's behaviour.

I’ve worked with the likes of Microsoft, the British Government, the Estonian Government, Coop Digital, Everywoman, Kinetic London, MIT & Union College and Contentful.

Creator of the BehaviourKit. Turning behavioural science into a toolkit and framework for designers and business. Teaching and sharing the building blocks of Behaviour Design at BehaviourAcademy.

I've spoken about:


Taught behaviour design workshops at:



Working on projects including:
Behavioural Design, Design Psychology, Habit design, Preventative Design, Persuasive Design, UX, Product

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