I'm founder and Designer at psychology-first design studio Dura. Having a degree in Psychology, I put psychological theory and research practices at the core of our design work at Dura.

At Dura we work both smaller teams and startups, who work with us for our ability to adapt both our workflow and skill set to whatever problem they have. We've also worked with larger clients including Microsoft, Contentful, British Biathlon, the British Government's Equalities Office, and MIT and Union College.

We've recently received an Honourable Mention at the International Design Awards 2015. With my working being featured across the likes of Abduzeebo, Webdesigner depot, Creative ReviewCSS Design Awards and CSS Winner.

A chance comment by a client, that ‘you always talk about psychology when you talk through your design choices’, led me to start my blog Form for Thought. With articles covering psychology for designers, I wanted to share the insights that I have learned with others in the industry. It covers design-psy from pure theory to interviewing creatives about how they use psychology in their practice.

I joke that I read more science journals now than I did during my degree, but it has reinvigorated my drive towards psychology in design.

If you have a new project, want to delve into design psy or want to just have a chat, send me an email at hi@laurenkelly.me


Combining Behavioural Economics, Design, Technology and Psychology 


At my blog Form for Thought I write about ‘psychology for designers’.

I have a BSc in Psychology from the University of Sheffield.


I run Glug Berlin. With Etsy, Siberia, Unit9, Ableton, Martina Flor and 44flavours speaking.

I also helped organise HybridConf 2016 in Berlin.



Microsoft • British Biathalon • Kinetic London • MIT & Columbia University • Contentful • Jane app • Everywoman • British Government’s Equalities Office • Stylindex • Formission College • Truly Apt • INhouse productions and much more


Illustrator • InDesign • Photoshop • Balsamiq • Sketch • InVision • HTML • CSS • Basic Javascript • Slack • Sublime text • human brain


“Working with Lauren was an absolute pleasure! Fast turn arounds, great artistic eye, flexible with our demanding deadlines, and made sure the end product was outstanding. I would highly recommend Lauren if you have any graphic design or layout needs.“
Reid Schretlen, Inhouse. Project: Microsoft whitepapers

“I can't recommend this freelancer highly enough, incredible turn-around time, great level of service, asks all the right questions and delivers on time to a high standard.“
Suzanne Deakins, Kinetic Worldwide. Project: Annual report

Lauren exceeded my expectations. Brilliant to work with, very thoughtful and suggests creative ideas ”
Maciej Markowicz, Photographer. Project: Ph collection and other works. (Book)


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